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Sanaii and Island Back Pony Hybrid Species!
This species will be a Semi-open species, meaning you may only use Common and Uncommon traits.
Island Back Ponies belong to f-loweryqueen 
Sanaii species belong to me/AkariN3ko 
Some traits will look like this 
Bullet Blue Water coming out of the back with a tail (can be any tail) coming from the butt and sticking out of the water
Bullet Blue Water coming out of the hooves
Bullet Blue Long body of water along back, and sometimes also on the muzzle
Bullet Blue Seashells and starfish on the back water and on the hooves, these may also have water on the hooves under the seashells and starfish
Bullet Blue A long fish tail (can be any tail) with water pouring from the bot
:iconakarin3ko:AkariN3ko 2 3
Sanaii Species Guide
Sanaii's belong to me and kittyknife 

New Rare trait added!!!

The name Sanaii means moon reflection on the ocean(Name suggested by CeruleanShores )
Examples of Sanaii's 
If I come up with any new traits I will add more~<3
 Any fish shaped water or gooey tail
 Diamond shaped whites in eyes
 Water mane (90% of this species have water manes, but there may come a chance where one doesn't have a water mane)
 Some type of seaweed on their body
Common Traits
 Seaweed in the glass parts
 Sand in the glass tail or the hooves
 Different colored sand
 Water horn
 Bubbles hovering around the neck, or any other body part
 Water halos
Uncommon Traits
 Different shaped shells can be anywhere on body
 Stones and sea plants in the tail and hooves
 Water wings/wings that have water dripping from the tips
 Crystals on the body or the tail
 Coral crowing on the body
 Water ears
:iconakarin3ko:AkariN3ko 37 165
Mizu Dragalis
Mizu Dragalis 
Mizu Dragalis is a mythical animal made from Island Back Ponies and Dragalis
Owned by kittyknifeAkariN3ko and f-loweryqueen
Soul Gem: Glows whenever the dragon is away from the pony, the pony can look at it to see through the dragons eyes and can telepathically talk through the soul gem. The soul gem is always on a piece of accessory, be it a bracelet, pin, necklace, anything. And is always worn, you will never see a Dragalis without their soul gem.
If you have any questions feel free to ask ^^
Must Have
+ Water Mane
+ Soul Gem on an accessory
+ A small body of water on their back
+ Something surrounding the small body of water (can be pebbles, grass, lilly pads, seashells)
+ Some type of curvy horns on the dragon or pony
+ All Mizu Dragalis have any shade of blue eyes
+ They have crystal like shaped whites in their eyes
+ They can water bend, they don’t have to have horns to do this
Common Traits
+ W
:iconakarin3ko:AkariN3ko 9 26
Galaxy Dragalis
So I've made a little extra species that will be a sibling species to my first Dragalis species
I haven't came up with all of the traits yet so I'm still working on it, so please be patient
What they MUST have
~ A scarf that has their gem in the shape of whatever the holder wants, this scarf is worn at all times (why? idk it's just what they prefer their gem and accessory to be)
~ A soul gem (must be the same color as the ponys and dragons eyes)
~ small moon shaped holes in their neck and forehooves (two on the neck and one on each hoof)
~ galaxy crystals on the back of the dragons neck (galaxy mane is optional)
~ Some sort of transparent wings which are usually small, huge transparent wings are super rare (these will allow them to glide through the air)
~ Mist coming out of the mouth of both dragon and pony
Common Traits
* Crystal leaves on the vine (these can have galaxy markings)
:iconakarin3ko:AkariN3ko 6 2
Pony Auction - Wolfie by KniightSkye Pony Auction - Wolfie :iconkniightskye:KniightSkye 7 23
Mary-sues, and how to avoid them.
Alrighty, since (INSERT NAME HERE) doesn't seem to understand what does and does't make a Mary-sue, i'm going to tell you guys what to avoid to make sure you don't make one.
Now, this advice can go for various fandoms, but for the most part I'll be focusing on MLP.
(If you need other pointers, feel free to ask!)
(OPTIONAL)- You don't have to follow the advice to succeed at what I'm explaining.
(RECOMMENDED)- A bit of advice you should probably follow, but it's not always necessary. 
Now, you don't necessarily have to follow this step, as I don't myself; but it can be useful. Creating the, so to speak, character before the character, is very helpful when making the drawn design.
For an example: A very shy and timid pony, who tends to stay alone in
:iconviscerotonictsf:ViscerotonicTSF 9 3
Love your artists by katnamara Love your artists :iconkatnamara:katnamara 5 3


Sasha The Aussie~Corgi Mix (another Fursona)
Bio will be up hopefully soon

Yes this is another one of my fursonas .3. 

Since Im in love with fluffy corgi butts I wanted to make one <3
 come and watch me please c:
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When you're having a hard time drawing ;w;
I need someone to talk to... im scared shitless right now....
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Dealing with the 5 stages of grief is 1000 times worst when my emotions are already out of whack


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Artist | Student
United States
Hello Im Jessica Im 19 years old.

A little bit about me:

Im a very nice person but im shy meeting new people at times, but once you get to really know me im kinda crazy. Im very outgoing. I love to draw and sometimes write. I love wolves well anything in the canine family. I can speak a little bit of german. Some of my dislikes are that I dont like when people are judge or picked on. I dont like mean people. (will add more soon)


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trying to get a Premium Mebership

I will also have animal creatures adoptables when they are done i will think of prices for them

I will also be excepting free donations

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 come and watch me please c:
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Wolfie's tail (OC) 

3 deviants said Keep it the same
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